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Customer Testimonials

Riahnna G.

Long Beach Ca 90808

The crew was thorough and detail oriented.  I recommend them to anyone looking for quality service at any price but would prefer reasonable one instead.  They clean my house, carpet and windows, top to bottom.  Excellent service on the  entire house exemplary communications and flexibility up to the service, courteous and professional and absolute joy to work with.  thank you Smart House Cleaning Inc., Great job!!!!


Timothy Rogers

Downey, CA 909241

We've been using Smart House Cleaning Inc.  for about 5 months, and we're very happy with their service. I've been waiting to write a review because I wanted to ensure there was consistency in service and performance, but there definitely is. Upon my first call, Andrea came to the house to look over the scope of the work so that she could quote ongoing service. This took all of 15 minutes, and she wrote me several quotes depending on the frequency of cleaning we wanted.
The first cleaning is a deep cleaning which takes several hours and costs a little more, but it's worth it.
They've been very patient with us in accommodating an acceptable time to come every three weeks. We both work and it has been difficult to find a time that works. Apparently they have many clients who give them keys and/or alarm codes, but we are not comfortable with that so it makes it more complicated. They completely respect the fact that we're not comfortable with that.
The same two girls show up every three weeks, which is nice. They are many times sitting outside when we arrive, simply because they have completed their previous cleaning assignment early. They vacuum, dust, and mop all floors (we have wood). They scour both the kitchen and bathrooms. We love it because we loathe doing that and now we don't have to do it (as often anyway). They bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies. They are efficient and have the routine down to a science. They are typically on time, thorough, and fairly priced. I highly recommend Smart House Cleaning Inc.!


Letitia Jhonson
Long Beach, CA 90803

Smart House Cleaning Inc. did a spring clean as my home had not been cleaned properly in a year.
And now they do my bi-weekly clean to maintain my home. They did a fabulous job!
They even cleaned the top of my ceiling fan blades that everyone misses (even me!).
My windows need to be kept clean because I have lovely ocean views & they clean them
and keep the sliding screen gutters clean.  
I also usually am not satisfied with the cleanliness of my shower but they keep the grout
from building up because they really scrub it.  I have three bathrooms, wooden shutters
or blinds on all of my windows and dust is a big problem.
They are fast - which in the past has meant the cleaner wasn't really cleaning well - but

Josue and his team are fast and my place is clean - the floors, the windows, the bathrooms,
everything dusted, my small patio.  I'm very satisfied with them and expect they
will be cleaning my home from now on